Anthropology (Anthro)

10 Bodies, Senses and Humanity. Interaction of biology and culture in the shaping of humanity. 3 u.

Social Science (Soc Sci)

3 Exploring Gender and Sexuality. A cross-cultural survey of gender and sexuality, applying perspectives from the different social sciences. 3 u.


Anthropology (Anthro)

1 General Anthropology. Physical origin of man, his evolutionary development, nature of culture, and structure of social behavior. 3 u.

101 Physical Anthropology. Human population biology in the conceptual framework of evolutionary processes. (Preparation for the majors.) 4 u.

103 Primatology. Survey of the primate background of human evolution. Prereq: Anthro 101/COI. 3 u.

104 Human Evolution. Fossil and cultural evidence of human evolution. Prereq: Anthro 101; BIO 102/ COI. 3 u.

107 Contemporary Human Populations. Phenotypic and genotypic differences among present-day human populations and their history and present distribution; basis of racial classifications. Prereq: Anthro 101; a course in genetics/COI. 3 u.

109 Foundations of Physical Anthropology. The historical development, theories, concepts and methods of contemporary physical anthropology. Prereq: Anthro 101/COI. 3 u.

111 Introduction to Archaeology. The beginnings of culture up to the advent of writing. Prereq: Anthro 1. 3 u.

112 World Cultural History. Survey of the rise of urban society and ancient cities as revealed thru archaeology and other anthropological data. 3 u.

114 Archaeology of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Beginnings and growth of prehistoric cultures and the peopling of the Pacific Island world. 3 u.

115 Philippine Archaeology. Prehistory of the Philippines as revealed by archaeology. 3 u.

118 Prehistory of the Philippines. Theories and problems of the peopling of the Philippines. 3 u.

119 Introduction to Museology. Principles, methods and application. Prereq: Anthro 1, 111. 3 u.

120 Special Problems in Museology. Issues, development and problems in museum work. 3 u.

123 Peoples of the Philippines. Ethnography and cultural ecology. 3 u.

124 Peoples of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Ethnology and cultural ecology of the area. 3 u.

126 Social and Economic Life of Philippine Mountain Peoples. Social and cultural life of the Negritos, the Mindanao pagans, and the terrace-building peoples of the Mountain Province. 3 u.

132 Introduction to Ecological Anthropology. Relation between cultural behavior and environmental phenomena. 3 u.

133 Economic Anthropology. Economic behavior of pre-industrial peoples and peasant economies. 3 u.

141 Introduction to Political Anthropology. Problems of sanction and law, social control and government of pre-industrial societies.  3 u.

151 Comparative Religion. Studies of religious concepts and practices of pre-literate peoples. 3 u.

161 Introduction to Folklore. Oral and traditional literature of representative cultures of the world. 3 u.

164 Folklore of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Oral and traditional literature of these areas and its bearing on the problems of Oceanic ethnology. 3 u.

165 Philippine Folklore. Oral and traditional literature of the Filipino people and its significance. 3 u.

167 Medical Anthropology. Overview of traditional and western health care systems. Prereq: JS/COI. 3 u.

170 Language and Culture. Relation between language andculture. Prereq: Lingg 110/equiv. 3 u.

172 Traditional and Peasant Communities. Their character and transformation. 3 u.

173 Introduction to Urban Anthropology. Problems of urban society. 3 u.

179 Culture Change and Applied Anthropology. Processes of unplanned and planned cultural changes. Prereq: Anthro 1, Socio 11/101/COI. 3 u.

181 Social Anthropology. Concepts, theories and present day implications. 3 u.

182 Culture and Personality. Role of culture in personality development. 3 u.

185 Introduction to Philippine Culture. Concepts and problems. 3 u.

187 Sex and Culture. Comparative survey of sex phenomena in their cultural context. 3 u.

192 Introduction to Anthropological Theory. Development of anthropological thought. Prereq: Anthro 1. 3 u.

195 Field Methods in Archaeology. Field training and application. Prereq: Anthro 111. 3 u.

196 Field Methods in Social Anthropology. Prereq: Anthro 181, 192. 3 u.

197 Laboratory and Field Technique in Physical Anthropology Research. Prereq: Anthro 101/COI. 5 u.

198 Special Topics. 3 u., may be taken twice but for different topics.

199 Field Methods in Anthropology. Prereq: Anthro 181. 3 u.


Anthropology (Anthro)

202 Historical Foundations of Physical Anthropology. Prereq: COI. 3 u.

203 Seminar on Primate Behavior. 3 u.

205 Readings in Physical Anthropology. 3 u.

212 World Archaeology. 3 u.

215 Philippine Archaeology. (By arrangement) 3 u.

216 Fieldwork in Philippine Archaeology. Archaeological methods and technique as demonstrated through field experience. 3 u.

217 Seminar in Southeast Asian Archaeology. 3 u.

218 Seminar in Philippine Pre-History. 3 u.

219 Special Problems in Museology. 3 u.

223 Philippine Ethnic Groups. 3 u.

224 World Ethnography. 3 u.

225 Philippine Culture and Society. 3 u.

229 Seminar in India and South Asia. 3 u.

232 Seminar in Ecological Anthropology. 3 u.

235 Seminar in Culture and Population. 3 u.

236 Seminar in Economic Organization and Cultural Behavior. 3 u.

245 Research in Philippine Custom Law and Political System. 3 u.

246 Seminar in Political Anthropology. 3 u.

251 Seminar in Religious Systems. 3 u.

261 Seminar in Asian Traditions. 3 u., may be repeated for another area within the Asian region.

262 Seminar in Myths and Rituals. 3 u.

265 Field Research in Philippine Folklore. Methods and techniques in folklore. 3 u.

266 Seminar in Folk Traditions. 3 u; may be repeated for other topics such as oral traditions, folk medicine and folk arts.

267 Advanced Medical Anthropology. Theoretical approaches and applied research methods in the study of health care. Prereq: COI. 6 h. (3 lec, 3 field research) 4 u.

269 Seminar in Asian Folklore. 3 u.

270 Seminar in Anthropological Linguistics. 3 u.

272 Indian Folklore. Sources, collections, bibliographic and study tools; classification and typing; theories of origin, diffusion and influence of world folklore. Prereq: COI. 3 u.

273 Seminar in Urban Anthropology. 3 u.

274 The Village Community. Approaches to the study of a village life. 3 u.

275 Seminar in Problems of Contemporary Culture Change. Methods and uses of applied anthropology; contemporary problems resulting from culture change. 3 u.

277 Seminar in Development Anthropology. 3 u.

278 Special Problems in Philippine Cultural Anthropology. 3 u.; may be repeated for other topics.

279 Special Problems in Mindanao Studies. 3 u.

280 Special Problems in Philippine Communities. 3 u.; may be repeated for other topics.

282 Seminar in Culture and Personality. 3 u.

286 Seminar in Comparative Kinship Systems. 3 u.

287 Seminar in Sex and Culture. 3 u.

289 Special Problems in the Anthropology of Education. 3 u.

291 Special Problems in Asian Anthropology. Original research by the student under the direction of the instructor. 3 u.

292 Seminar in Anthropological Theory. 3 u.

293 Seminar in Structural Anthropology. 3 u.

295 Special Problems in Philippine and Oceanic Anthropology. Original research by the student under the direction of the instructor. 3 u.

297 Seminar in Research Design and Methods. 3 u.

298 Research Methods in Physical Anthropology. 3 u.

299 Independent Studies. Preparation for thesis writing. 3 u., may be taken twice but for different studies.

300 Master’s Thesis. 6 u.

400 PhD Dissertation. 12 u.