Feminism and Anthropology

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Dr. Maria Carmen Domingo-Kirk (City College of San Francisco) on "Feminism and Anthropology" on 19 February (Wednesday), 2:30-4:00 p.m., at the CSSP Multimedia Room, Room 400, Palma Hall, UP Diliman.

Romancing The Culture: F. Landa Jocano and the Quest for Self-Definition

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This 2014, the UP Department of Anthropology celebrates the centennial of the first Anthropology course taught in the Philippines: Anthropology I (General Anthropology). In line with this, the Department is launching 'The History of Philippine Anthropology Lecture Series' under the H. Otley Beyer Museum Talks.

Tele-Vice: Popular Media and Gender Violence

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The Department of Anthropology, University of the Philippines, held the first H.O. Beyer Talks for AY 2013-2014, with the theme "Popular Media and Gender Violence", at the H.O. Beyer Museum, 4-6PM, 27 June 2013. It affirms the department's commitment against gender violence that surfaced in the row between TV hosts Vice Ganda of ABS-CBN and Jessica Soho of GMA. The guest was Aida Santos of WEDPRO, with Rolando Esteban of the Anthropology Department, and Senior Lecturer Dr. La Rainne Sarmiento as moderator. The posts include the poster of the forum, the WEDPRO Statement, and the text of Esteban's take on the issues inebriated in the row.

Vice Ganda and Oxymoron

I would like to preface my reaction to Aida Santos' take on the Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho row with the idea that Vice Ganda is an oxymoron, a figure of speech that yokes two contradictory words like 'wolverine white,' 'sweet revenge,' and my favourite, 'fiend angelical.' Indeed, how could vice (immoral act, evil, foible) be ganda (beauty, nice) at the same time, except as a terse paradox? There really is something in the name. To twist Clyde Mitchell's idea a bit, naming is about "representation" and "consciousness speaking out."